In line with our vision to be one of the leading UAV companies globally and thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise gained over decades, we have designed, developed and manufactured indigenous UAV Systems in wide range of categories; ARI (Micro), EFE (Mini), BORA (Small) and KARAYEL (Tactical).


State-of-the-art KARAYEL UAV System is an autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance platform and is the first Tactical UAV System designed to be compatible and manufactured in accordance with NATO ‘Airworthiness’ standard; STANAG 4671. KARAYEL UAV System has novel triple redundant distributed avionics architecture, which ensures protection against all kind of uncontrolled single point failure/crash. Therefore, Lentatek has carried systematic fault safety used only in manned aviation in the world until now to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. KARAYEL has lightning protection thanks to the aluminum network grid on its composite structure. ‘Pneumatic De-Icing System’ which automatically detects icing conditions and activates carries KARAYEL one step further in terms of operations in critical climates.  KARAYEL, which is an aerial reconnaissance and surveillance platform, can perform target pointing, lighting and ammunition direction with day/night target detection and identification by its EO/IR camera payload system.

We have not only been developing software for ground and air systems indigenously at Lentatek’s Technology Center of Excellence (TCE) also we have been designing UAV Systems capable to operate in different speeds and altitudes with various payload systems, in accordance with STANAG-4671 “Airworthiness Requirements”. All UAV Systems have been designed, developed and manufactured indigenously in house including but not limited to the structural and aerodynamic design work, the autopilot system, the central control, the  computer including the ground control station, the design works of all avionics, all software developments and system productions.


Production & Integration

  • Designing, planning and documentation for production and integration
  • Composite mould production
  • Composite parts production
  • Metallic parts production
  • Cabling, assembly and production
  • Printed circuit production
  • Structural and mechanic assembly


  • Platform design
  • Metallic component design
  • Composite component design
  • Mechanical systems design
  • Avionics system architecture design
  • Autopilot and controller design
  • Printed circuit design
  • Harness design
  • Ground control station and ground data terminal design
  • Airworthiness
  • Requirement management
  • Specialty engineering

Integrated Logistic Support

  • Integrated product design within life cycle
  • Material management
  • Maintenance management
  • Technical publication management
  • User’s training (Pilot, payload operator, technician, mission commander)


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UAS Heritage

ARI (2005)

Arı is a micro-class hand launched unmanned aerial vehicle and we manufactured in house including design, development and prototype in 2005.

Weight 1.0 kg
Endurance 0.5 hr
Wing span 0.90 m
Payload capacity 0.15 kg


Following year with the success and experience of ARI, we designed and developed EFE-I, which is a hand launched, mini unmanned aerial vehicle.

In 2008, EFE II, which is an advanced version of EFE-I having longer endurance joined our UAV product range.

Weight 5.0 kg 4.6 kg
Endurance 1.0 hr 1.5 hr 
Altitude 12000 (MSL) ft
2000 (AGL) ft 
12000 (MSL) ft
2000 (AGL) ft 
Wing span 2.80 m 2.60 m
Payload capacity 1.0 kg 1.0 kg 


KARAYEL DEMO (2007-2009)

In 2007, development activities of KARAYEL demonstration version has started. KARAYEL Demo version has indigenously designed and developed autopilot system with fully autonomous take-off, flight and landing capabilities. Triple redundant critical flight systems of today’s advanced KARAYEL has been also firstly tested in the KARAYEL demo version. System has designed and manufactured in accordance with “NATO STANAG 4671” Airworthiness Requirements to ensure system reliability. KARAYEL Demo UAS (including indigenously manufactured ground control station), has joined our UAV product range as the pioneer of our UAV systems.

Weight 250 kg
Endurance 8 hr
Altitude 18000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed 60 - 80 kt
Wing span 7.50 m
Payload capacity 35 kg

BORA (2011-2013)

We designed, developed and manufactured a multi-purpose small UAV system named BORA, in order to test the avionics of KARAYEL within the KARAYEL Tactical UAS development activities.

Weight 85 kg
Endurance 5 hr
Altitude 18.000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed  60 - 80 kt
Wing span 4.60 m
Payload capacity 3kg (with parachute)
10kg (without parachute)

KARAYEL (2009-2016)

KARAYEL Tactical UAV System, which is the first “Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform” was designed to be compatible with NATO’s Airworthiness Requirements “STANAG-4671”, is an autonomous reconnaissance, surveillance and strike platform.

Weight 560 kg
Endurance 16 hr
Altitude 18.000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed  60 - 80 kt
Wing span 10.5 m
Payload capacity 70 kg

KARAYEL-S (2016)

In 2016, we manufactured first armed version of KARAYEL UAS product range, which has a total of 60 kg ammunition payload capacity.

Weight 560 kg
Endurance 8 hr
Altitude 18.000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed 60 - 80 kt
Wing span 10.5 m
Payload capacity Fuselage 70 kg
Wing 60 kg

KARAYEL-U (2016-2017)

KARAYEL-U version is unarmed version, which has the advantage of taking off from and landing to shorter runways by extending KARAYEL platform’s wings and which has improved critical flight characteristics such as endurance, gliding ratio and climbing performance.

Weight 630 kg
Endurance 20 hr
Altitude 18.000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed 60 - 80 kt
Wing span 13 m
Payload capacity 70 kg


KARAYEL-SU (2017-2020)

As new generation member of KARAYEL UAV product range, KARAYEL-SU’s payload capacity was upgraded with a change of its wing design in 2017.

KARAYEL-SU, has an extended wingspan, as well as end-plates on its wing tips and two hard-points for carrying payloads under each wing. Each one of the hard-points can carry up to 30 kg, the total payload capacity of the KARAYEL-SU is 120 kg under the wings. KARAYEL-SU is the most technologically advance version of its class with the integration of various payload options, such as Jamming GPS, Laser Guided Bombs/Missiles, AIS (Automatic Identification System) and SATCOM (Satellite communication) etc.

Weight 630 kg
Endurance 20 hr
Operational Altitude 18.000 (MSL) ft 
Cruise speed 60 - 80 kt
Wing span 13 m
Payload capacity Fuselage 70 kg
Wing 120 kg

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