This is the monitoring system, which informs relevant centres in real-time with regard to transport, storage and possible degradation and spoilage of temperature-sensitive and delicate materials such as vaccines and drugs.

It is used in order to monitor temperature of environments such as all kinds of fixed and mobile hospitals, laboratories, vaccine rooms and cold storage on the basis of 24/7 operation without human intervention, and to track online all instant and previous information.

Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring System

Maintenance of efficiency of vaccines is based on cold chain and properly operating logistic management system, that is to say, on the determination of vaccines and antiserum efficiency of which is decreased with instant temperature measurement, the involvement of warning system during energy failures, and on the identification of vaccines that must be destroyed.

The Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring System enables 24/7 monitoring and tracking of storage conditions within the refrigerator throughout the cold chain monitoring process from filling vials with the vaccine up to the moment it reaches end user. Cold chain is a system that protects a vaccine’s efficiency from its production up to its administration, ensures its effective and sufficient access to those in need, and consists of electronic hardware and software.

Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring System allows tracking data on temperature, humidity, refrigerator’s electric power through cloud software, and ensures administration of proper vaccine at the proper time.

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