“Telemedicine” solutions are based on accurate and reliable transfer of a patient’s health status and follow-up activities from one point to another by using electronic communication means. Telemedicine has multiple applications and can use different sensors and services covering wireless tools, e-mail, duplex video communication, smart phones and other telecommunication technology methods.

CML Digital ECG Imaging

Electrocardiography (ECG) has an important role in assessing the function of heart and diagnosing relevant diseases. It is a device that images the electrical activity of heart through electrodes connected to the body. CML Digital ECG Imaging records displayed data and this digital data can easily be transferred.

CML Digital ECG device, which can be fully integrated with Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), provides data transfer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Lentatek Cml Dijital Ekg Goruntuleme

Digital Effort ECG System

This is the device used for effort ECG test conducted for monitoring how the heart responds to physical efforts. During the test, when connected to ECG device, the patient is supposed to exercise with effort. This enables physician to monitor heart rate and cardiac motions.

Digital Effort ECG system, which can be integrated into Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), enables to conduct HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analysis, arterial-ventricular analyses, and to detect rhythm disorders. Our decision support system based on artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the evaluation of data. iSina Effort Analysis Software embedded within the system has been developed by our engineers.

Holter ECG

Holter ECG device offers measurement of respiration rate, pulse and fever, and analyses of these measurements can be carried out within such activity. Remote monitoring is available via web portal along with iOS and Android applications.

Lentatek Holter Ekg

Smart Holter Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Holter Blood Pressure Monitor enables to measure blood pressure and pulse values accurately, to match them with mobile application, and to share online measurement values with doctors or medical centers. iSina Blood Pressure Analysis software is provided with the support of artificial intelligence.

Military Health Kit

Our Military Health Kit is a solution that enables military elements to move more safely in the field of operation, and to monitor instant health information of soldiers from a single centre in cases of military operations. The military health kit consisting of software and hardware developed according to the requirements of the end-user measures many physiological parameters such as pulse, respiration, ECG, body temperature, position and motion through a wearable sensor integrated into textile with a high precision, and transfers such data via Bluetooth to smart phones, and then to team commander, medical centre and operation centre.

All information and alarms such as health parameters obtained from all soldiers in operation, anomaly detection, and emergency response findings can be instantly monitored by team commander and medical officer at operation centre. It contributes to help a soldier receive the most appropriate medical care on time even in a chaotic environment.

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