Telemetry and Remote Control Software

Use of technology in modern world has become independent of place and space with innovative approaches. We also keep pace with this speed through our authentic and innovative approach and end-to-end developed telemetry solutions, which allows a system or a sensor to be monitored, controlled, and to transfer data without any loss of data with/without cable remotely.

In telemedicine solutions, we develop software which includes telemetry software used for capturing patient follow-up activities in real time and in a reliable process, along with software that enables remote control of devices (like vaccine refrigerator) that require temperature track. In addition to these solutions, telemetry and remote control software allows to monitor wireless devices and sensors, which have different areas of use and functions, and to operate them, when necessary. This application area covers a broad spectrum ranging from human and vehicle tracking or object control to monitoring/management of energy platforms and agriculture and livestock data. 

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