By making use of our competencies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Big Data, essential technologies of the future, in all our products and solutions, we have been levelling up our technological expertise at the Technology Center of Excellence (TCoE), and we have been providing high performance and quality solutions for the needs of military and civil sectors. 



In today's world; One of the ways to modernize the basic capabilities used in the provision of health, transportation and public services, especially in defence and security, is the implementation of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially in large system projects such as decision support systems that require speed and accuracy.

Therefore, we are implementing our artificial intelligence solutions at a speed and scale beyond human cognitive abilities in all our fields of activity with the aim to meet critical needs.



Nowadays, it is indispensable to incorporate cyber security, along with physical security, in the concept of security in all fields including personal electronic devices, large and comprehensive defence systems, in addition to the systems of healthcare, and transportation.

Today, providing and maintaining security of the country, citizens, businesses, infrastructure and public facilities is an integral part of public security. As Lentatek we are aiming to meet expectations of users in cyber security with this new understanding of security, which is broadly addressed from the maintenance of public security to the protection of personal data, and continue to work on the issues of defence and national security to satisfy requirements that may arise against cyber-attacks.

From this point forth, cyber security solutions developed for the security of all systems, which were designed, developed and produced by our company, including healthcare, security, defence and transportation, are expected to easily find an area of application in other projects considered and designed in a broader perspective.



We are developing big data analytic systems and software in order for public institutions, in the fields of defence, security, healthcare and transportation in particular, to make data-driven decisions that may improve their outputs related to public services. We are offering big data solutions to carry out service needs analyses, and thus to provide more efficient services, to make accurate estimations for users, to personalise different functions and to provide advanced operational efficiency. By doing so, we allow conventional solutions, which were previously developed and made available, to become more sector-oriented solutions.

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