We are closely following national vision, strategy and objectives in space technologies, and aim to contribute to mankind’s scientific knowledge and experience with our highly skilled team working in the area of space technologies.  

By using newly emerging technologies in our own projects, we shape our space studies with our innovation group, and progress towards transforming them into activities that have an impact on the lives of communities and create a certain value. In order to decrease our external dependence by strengthening our infrastructure in the field of space studies, we have been making every effort to contribute to the technological development of our country. 

We are adapting our capabilities we have gained through hardware, software and design activities that we have conducted in relation to systems operating under different climate conditions to the field of space. We are currently working on future needs with a new approach in ground control stations, communication systems and propulsion technologies which can operate in applications that require precision.

We are consolidating all our works, similar to all our advanced technology works, with international cooperations, and we are in the forefront of the transformation of our country that does not only use advanced technology but produces such technology.

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