KARAYEL UAV System is an autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance platform and KARAYEL Tactical UAV System designed to be compatible and manufactured in accordance with NATO ‘Airworthiness’ standard; STANAG 4671.

KARAYEL UAV System has novel triple redundant distributed avionics architecture, which ensures protection against all kind of uncontrolled single point failure/crash.  Therefore, Lentatek has carried systematic fault safety used only in manned aviation in the world until now to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. KARAYEL has lightning protection thanks to the aluminum network grid on its composite structure. ‘Pneumatic De-Icing System’ which automatically detects icing conditions and activates carries KARAYEL one step further in terms of operations in critical climates.   KARAYEL, which is an aerial reconnaissance and surveillance platform, can perform target pointing, lighting and ammunition direction with day/night target detection and identification by its EO/IR camera payload system.


Hava Araci

  • Design compatible with STANAG 4671
  • Lightning protection
  • Pneumatic De-icing system
  • Triple redundant avionics architecture
  • Automatic take-off/flight/landing system
  • AVGAS 100 LL
  • Composite fuselage and main structure
  • 70 kg payload capacity at the CG
  • 120 kg payload capacity under the wings
  • 20 hours endurance with payload
  • 22.500 ft operation altitude
  • 200 km line of sight (LOS)
  • Satellite control (SATCOM) BLOS
  • GCS/GDT transfer

Technical Specifications


Maksimum Kalkış Ağırlığı 630 kg
MFW 144 (200 lt)
Fuselage Max Payload 70
Wing Max Payload 120


Kanat Açıklığı 13 m
Uzunluk 6,5 m
Yükseklik 2.11 m
MLG Wheel Track 1.8
Ground Turn Radius 11.6


Max Engine Power 97
Cruise Speed 56-80
Rate of Climb >800
Operation Altitude 18000
TO Distance <750
Landing Distance <750
Endurance 12
Electrical Power 2800

Karayel Iha Sistemi


NATO 4586 Interoperability NATO III shelter compliant to NATO-6516/SCHPE/86 standard Air-conditioning with 2 high powered air-conditioners
Filtering against lightning and EMI effect in electricity and data lines TASMUS/TAFICS interface
High capacity uninterruptible power source and redundant DC regulators


Cabinet compliant to military standards
Heating and cooling unit
Uninterrupted power source and redundant DC regulators
Beyond visual line of sight operation with advanced base and GDT transfer


KARAYEL Tactical UAV System Integration Capability

Thanks to our indigenous software developments and in-house integration capabilities, Lentatek tailors unmanned systems with various payload options depending on the customer needs.


KARAYEL UAV System is operational with various EO/IR payload cameras from different manufacturers. EO/IR payload enables KARAYEL to perform real-time imagery intelligence for day/night operations and resists adverse weather conditions. Top segment EO/IR payload also shows superior reconnaissance, surveillance, fixed/moving target detection, recognition, identification, pointing, illumination and ammunition navigation by its laser sensors.

KARAYEL UAS is equipped with various Sensor Payloads to meet End-User Requirements in different operational concepts.


EO/IR Payload Features:

  • Colour Day Camera (EO)
  • IR (Infrared) Night Camera
  • Laser Range Finder (LRF)
  • Laser Pointer (LP)
  • Laser Designator (LD)


In order to enhance capabilities of state-of-the-art KARAYEL UAV System, Lentatek has been committed to the efficient development and integration activities with new generation payload systems. In this respect, KARAYEL with successfully integrated satellite control (SATCOM) system offers target detection, monitoring and destruction capabilities autonomously and independent from range restrictions at beyond line of sight operations. 


Automatic Identification System (AIS) integrated to KARAYEL UAV System ensures to detect identification information of all maritime vessels from high altitudes to transfer all obtained radar, imaging and intelligence information to Command and Control Centres in real-time.


Synthetic-Aperture Radar/Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR/ISAR) enables KARAYEL to operate in all kinds of weather conditions, and to perform imaging and moving target detection in rainy and cloudy weather. KARAYEL has wide area surveillance capability and perform reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and combat tasks more efficiently. It enables to monitor hard to detect targets with different speed and dimensions even in extremely cloudy and foggy weather with poor vision. 

Mini Smart Ammunition and 2.75’’ Laser Guided Missile

Laser guided ammunitions integrated to KARAYEL UAS are highly accurate for fixed/moving, lightly armored/unarmored targets.

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