Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
(SOFC) Stack

Lentatek Kati Oksit Yakit Pili

Stack, which is based on high temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology consists of   serial and parallel connection of 30 electrolyte-supported cells and shows power output reached up to ~1.3 kW at ~800 °C operation temperature thanks to its unique design. 


Power  1,0 - 1,3 kW
Degradation   <%6/1000 hr
Power Density   0,2 kW/lt. 
Operating Voltage   9V - 15V
Electrolyte Type 10ScCeSZ
Number of Cells    30
Seals  Glass ceramic
Interconnector Material Crofer APU 22
Interconnector Production Technique Machining
Dimensions    172 x 325 x 120 mm3
Weight   25 kg
Operational Requirements  
Temperature   780 - 820 oC
Heating and Cooling Speed    <3 oC/min
Cell Voltage 0,55 V
Maximum Current 140 A
Operating Current   100-110 A


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