For civil and military purposes, 1-50 kW open cathode and dead-end PEMFC stacks and systems with liquid or air cooling, and with metallic or composite graphite bipolar plates are being developed.  

Major Features:

  • Custom production in the range of 1 - 50 kW
  • Quick start-up (ideal ambient temperature ≈25 sec / cold ambient temperature ≈50 sec) and shut-down procedure
  • Low pressure drop with unique bipolar plate design
  • Wide operating conditions with liquid coolant
  • Environmental tolerance solutions thanks to its novel design
  • Extended specific power (kW/l) and power density (kW/kg)
  • Integrated cell potential monitoring



Measurement & Performance Values VSS-1 VSS-5
Height (mm) 190 200
Length (mm) 150  150 
Width (mm) 240 480
Weight (kg) 7.9 13.9
Nominal Output Power (kW) 1 5
Output Voltage (V) 5.5-9.5  25-50 
Max. Operation Temperature 85˚C 85˚C
Ambient Temperature 2-70 ˚C -30 – 70˚C
Gas pressure (bar) <1.5 <2.5
Coolant pressure (bar) Coolant should be supplied by high fuel or oxidant pressure over 0.1 bar.
Humidification Humidity should be supplied that does not allow condensation in the inlet.


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