Bipolar plates are produced from two different types of materials based on metal or composite graphite. Metal based bipolar plates are produced by forming metal foils under pressure, while composite based plated are produced with machining method. These plates have different shock/vibration, and thermal profiles. For metallic bipolar plates, basic production method includes; design, pre-treatment, precision moulding, laser welding/cutting, cleaning before coating, coating, sealing, inspection and product delivery steps respectively. 


  Carbon Composite based Metal based
Advantages Excellent corrosion resistance Suitable for serial production
Low cost, traditional stainless steel foil
Simple design High volumetric power density
High electrical conductivity after coating
High mechanical stability
Disadvantages High material cost Low corrosion resistance
Low electrical conductivity
Low volumetric power density Relatively difficult design
Brittle material

Features of Metal Based Plate
Feature Description Numerical Values
Physical Properties
Net weight (g) 85
External measurements (mm) 1.0 (thickness) X 143 (length) X 447 (width)
Active area (mm2) 260 X 113.5 = 295.1
Flatness (mm) < 2
Manifold area of cathode side (mm2) *1 1327
Manifold area of cooling side (mm2) 1381
Manifold area of anode side (mm2) *2 522
Available channel length (mm) 283.6
Integrated Gasket Option
Gasket channel width (mm) 4
Gasket dimensions (mm) 430 X 126
Gasket materials FKM/VMQ
Gasket compression ratio Approximately 25%
Features of Metallic Plate
Metallic plate material EN 1.4404
Metallic plate thickness (mm) 0.07-0.12
Coating Properties
ICR (interface contact resistance) < 10mΩ X cm2 @140N
Results of Corrosion Test <1µA/cm2 @ -0.2V / +0.6V
Coating thickness (nm) Approximately 250

*1 Arranged for air feed.
*2 Arranged for hydrogen feed.

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