Increasing digitalisation trend in globalising world becomes more common at a rapidly increasing rate in many areas ranging from energy to defence, healthcare and transportation.

In the light of recent developments, technologies based on remote access have come to the forefront in healthcare sector, and thus governments, along with commercial enterprises, are compelled to allocate most of their budget to digital healthcare technologies. Patient follow-up and diagnosis procedures, which have been performed through conventional methods for many years, are transferred to digital media. Use of technology in healthcare has helped shorten the distance between doctors and patients by making healthcare services more economic and accessible.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

This is the monitoring system, which informs relevant centres in real-time with regard to transport, storage and possible degradation and spoilage of temperature-sensitive and delicate materials such as vaccines and drugs.

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Telemedicine Solutions

“Telemedicine” solutions are based on accurate and reliable transfer of a patient’s health status and follow-up activities from one point to another by using electronic communication means. Telemedicine has multiple applications and can use different sensors and services covering wireless tools, e-mail, duplex video communication, smart phones and other telecommunication technology methods.

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