As the technology is integrated in almost all aspects of modern life, and due to ever-increasing digitalisation, it has become more difficult to protect classified data and confidential assets.

Passwords and keys used in state buildings, military facilities, data centres of private companies, which are referred to as critical facilities, trigger substantial security vulnerability in security system of a facility due to their share ability and easy to crack nature.

It is obvious that stronger authentication methods are required especially in areas that can be entered with the rationale of authorised staff due to frequent occurrence of network security violations and increasing phishing. In order to eliminate this vulnerability, biometric security solutions play an important role in the protection of these critical facilities.

Our biometric security solution is the total of electronic devices that perform identification and processing of unique and hard-to-copy traits (such as fingerprint, retina, palm, vein recognition, face shape, iris, voice, etc.) with biometric recognition techniques, as well as a series of other functions. Places that require controlling staff monitoring, control and attendance such as border gates and transition points, military facilities with high confidentiality level, penal institutions, financial centres, prefer this system.

MultiBio Fingerprint and Finger Vein Scanner

Among our biometric security systems, fingerprint systems are widely used due to their cost effectiveness, reliability and relative accuracy level. Fingerprint, like a person’s identity, is distinctive and unique. Thus, using fingerprints in security technologies ensures to take individual security measures. A fingerprint scanner produces a digital image of the print, and a computer transforms details into a code through pattern matching software. This code, later on, is compared with database of approved identities.

On the other hand, it is also possible to erase or eradicate fingerprints with external factors. At this point, vein structure underneath the skin is used. Like fingerprints, vein structures bear personal identity traits. In other words, vein structure within the palm of each person is specific to such person and its physiology is unique. Palm vein biometric identification system is a technology used in safe passage control solutions together with fingerprint.

MultiBio fingerprint and vein identification solution performs more efficiently and promptly compared to face recognition systems. Hardware in our solution, which has two-step fusion authentication, broadband capacity for 5,000 persons, quick identification, licenced fingerprint pattern and data integration with a reliable structure and data exchange properties, is at IP65 protection level.

Lentatek Multi Bio Parmak Izi

MultiBio upgrades security level thanks to its leakege-resilient infrastructure and technology that minimises error margin and provides more accurate results. In addition, it guarantees proper recording due to its adaptation and easy-to-use properties.

  • Multi Touch Capacitive Screen
  • Gorilla Glass Protection
  • NFC – Multi Standard RFID
  • USB Flash & Micro SD Support
  • Ethernet & Poe Powered
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Optional)
  • RS-485 & Wiegand
  • Mono Audio & Internal Speaker
  • Relay Outputs & Optic Inputs

Lentatek Multi Bio

The Ultimate Solution for Security, Accuracy and Performance

  • Fusion of Two Complementary Biometrics
  • Innovative and Universal Biometric Technology
  • Unequalled Trade-Off Between Security and Comfort of Use
  • Enhanced Resistance to Spoofing
  • Identification With Large Scale Databases
  • Simple to Integrate
  • Robust (IP 65 Rated Optical Sensor)
  • FBI PIV IQS Certified

A New Era for Biometrics

Universal and Easy-to-Adopt: successful enrollment is guaranteed - particularly for individuals who experience difficulties with mono-modal devices - with the same simplicity and ease of use as for fingerprints alone > The failure To Enroll (FTE) rate is greatly improved

Unparalleled Accuracy: by reducing the probability of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors, it gives an efficient response to both comfort and security concerns in any biometric application > @FAR=10-4, FRR is 10 times lower than with the best of the 2 modalities

Resistance to Spoofing: it combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each technology and also makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion

General Features

  • Multiple biometric outputs: 5.000 People (10.000 Fingers)
  • Multimodal template
  • Fingerprint image (500dpi, 256 grayscale, 400x400 pixels): RAW or WSQ compressed (under license)
  • Fingerprint templates (under license): proprietary, ISO 19794-2:2005, ANSI/INCITS 378
  • Adjustable FAR from 10-2 down to 10-8 ; remains stable whatever the number of individuals in the database
  • Data integrity check by the host to exchange data under secure channel (in option)

Extensive and Best-in-Class Biometric/Security Features

  • Fast recognition
  • One-to-one authentication in 1s (average)
  • One-to-many Identification cation in 1s average (1 to 500), 1.5saverage (1 to 5,000)
  • Large storage capacity: 5,000 users (10,000 templates)

Robust Design

  • IP 65 rated sensing window
  • Scratch, vibration and shock resistant
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Operating: 20°C to 70°C (storage)
  • Operating Humidity 10 — 80%, Storage <95%

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