Within the framework of advanced imaging, X-ray technologies have been used in public buildings, in aviation industry, and commercial areas such as banks or hotels. X-ray devices not only scan internal parts of baggage, cargoes, and parcels, but also scan heavy vehicles and containers effectively.

Therefore, in order to enhance safety and security, setting up of X-ray advanced imaging systems has been accelerated by governments in facilities, big financial centres, and newly constructed transportation networks, which especially require high level security. Especially security check points such as land border gates, airports and sea ports where large scale shipping is performed, and critical border points where weapons, drugs, chemicals, explosives are detected are of great importance and concern.

Truck and container screening system, one of the most significant elements of advanced imaging technologies, is the fastest security system used at land border gates and ports in order to prevent trafficking of property, vehicle and human. Physical examination of the vehicles and properties is a very time-consuming process, and in countries where there is a heavy traffic at borders, like Turkey, it is important to carry out procedures by the fastest and most reliable way possible. Systems developed to this end allow to set aside time and reliability constraints through monitoring of images obtained by using X-rays.

Our truck and container screening system is an imaging system based on X-ray technology in order to detect foreign substances, such as smuggled goods and drugs, and illegal refugees hidden inside the vehicles such as trucks, lorries and containers. On the other hand, it is likely to prevent terrorist activities thanks to our screening system that detects explosives, and the protection of facilities requiring high security is ensured.

Local and National Truck Screening System

Our truck and container scanning system that has been developed in cooperation with our solution partners, it is possible to scan 20 trucks with a length of 20 metres on average per hour within a scanning tunnel with 4,5 m in height and 2,6 metres in width. The system provides visual and audible alarm with automatic threat detection function. In this system, 20 different display modes (such as material classification, colour/black and white, low dose – high dose, only organic – only inorganic, edge sortation, negative, etc.) are available.   

In our truck and container scanning system in gantry portal design, development of software such as control card embedded software, image processing software, user interface, data archiving software and network interface and system design, electronic control card and electronic hardware design, mechanical design and production, prototype system integration and performance tests are carried out locally and nationally. 

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