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What makes Lentatek unique is its highly qualified and extremely dedicated professional staff. Our aim is to celebrate our unprecedented achievements together as Lentatek and to progress together with our company.

Each employee is leader of his/her job in Lentatek; our flexible organisational structure enables each employee to take responsibility for his/her work and to take initiative.



For general applications, you can send your CV in Word/PDF format to careers@lentatek.com

Once your CV is delivered by Human Resources Department, your knowledge and experience will be evaluated and matched with vacancies, if any. If there is no vacancy, your CV will be stored in our database to be re-evaluated in the future.

You can view our current job postings on kariyer.net website and submit your application.

Clarification Text For Employee Candidates


Our company offers internship opportunity for university students during summer period. Our internship programmes aim to help students apply theoretical knowledge they have acquired at the university and to have a general idea on working life.

In order to apply, “Internship Application Form” must be filled out and sent to careers@lentatek.com. Summer period internship applications are accepted until the end of March every year. Eligible candidates are contacted on the basis of vacancies determined by each department for relevant year.

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