As Lentatek;

We have been providing a wide range of products and services from design and development to production in every field that requires critical technologies such as Unmanned/Autonomous System, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, Space Technologies, Critical Facilities and Border Security Technologies, Digital Healthcare Technologies thanks to our quarter century high technological knowledge and expertise.

As the pioneer of each technology that we have developed through our vision to design the future, which we have adopted since our establishment, we have been designing and developing artificial intelligence, cyber security and big data solutions through software, hardware, test and verification as well as system integration abilities that we have acquired over the years at our Technology Center of Excellence (TCE).

As the leading UAV platform producer in Turkey, we are shaping the future with authentic and indigenous systems, each piece of which we have been developing with our national capital, in the field of unmanned systems.

As one of the world’s exceptional companies operating in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, we are configuring the future of Clean Energy, which is in conformity with Smart Life 2030 vision, main strategy of our group’s sustainability practices, at our state-of-the-art new generation laboratories thanks to the broad experience we have gained through conducting numerous R&D studies and adopting a model registered with an award in advanced technology studies in cooperation with university and industry.

We are closely following up on our country’s vision, strategy and goals in space technologies, and making effort to contribute to humanity’s scientific knowledge and experience with our competent to meet the needs in the field of space technologies.

We are providing the most innovative advanced imaging and biometric security solutions in critical facility and border security technologies, which are essential requirements against ever-increasing asymmetric threats across the world.

We are also offering solutions for healthcare systems, which are modular, able to perform artificial intelligence based predictive diagnostics and have been integrated with high technology such as healthcare management, imaging and treatment systems as a result of the recent developments in technology.

Knowing that success will only be achieved by meeting the world’s and particularly our country’s needs in technologies that we have been working on and having well-educated and experienced team with an innovative approach we are doing our best to ensure products and services beyond expectation.

Our eyes on the future, our dreams beyond boundaries…

As Lentatek;

We are consolidating all our works, similar to all our advanced technology works, with international cooperations, and we are in the forefront of the transformation of our country that does not only use advanced technology but produces such technology.

Our Quality Policy

Prioritising efficiency and effectiveness for both our company and the world, we seek to be unrivalled product and service provider with continuously improved processes.

Core Values

  • Our driving force is our relation with all relevant parties, primarily our customers.
  • Our employees with excellent team focus are the essence of our corporate power.
  • Quality is our indispensable principle in terms of our timely products and services.
  • Innovation and our dreams are what inspire us.
  • We are aware of our responsibilities, and dedicate ourselves to our commitments.
  • Integrity is the pillar of our efforts.
  • We have an environment friendly and sustainable approach, which respects natural resources.






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